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It effectively manages the flow of samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency as well as help standardize workflows, tests and procedures, while providing accurate controls of the process.

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Environment Sciences
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Good sample management processes are necessary to ensure sample integrity, data quality, and proper chain of custody. Sample management capabilities include shipment management, accessioning, and inventory management.

Monitor the status of the lab’s instruments, schedule work and maintenance. Manage storage capacity and freezers across facilities to maintain environment requirements for solutions, reagents, samples, etc., to ensure that they remain in the proper conditions.

Inventory and storage management functions retain where items have been stored and for how long. LIMS software manages stock supplies and reagents and can assign automatic reorder alerts.

Understanding the overhead and capacity that your team can support is key to determining timelines, reporting on turnaround times, and resourcing projects. See a complete overview of samples that are queued and their status.

Workflows guide analysts through each step of a method to ensure compliance to the SOP and captures the complete process history. Drive quality and compliance through repeatable execution of methods and processes.

Users can quickly build workflows which map to actual laboratory processes, automating decisions and actions and reducing the need for user intervention. Labs can easily adapt to new methods and process changes.

Instrument control for liquid handling and synthesis work stations including Thermo Fisher Scientific and other vendors.

Collect and share data securely in real-time with collaborators in your lab or across the globe.

LIMS software can connect to enterprise systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) as well as laboratory systems including electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and Chromatography Data Systems and Chromatography Data Systems (CDS).

The option to deploy using a Thermo Fisher managed infrastructure including servers, OS and database, backup, disaster recovery and information security monitoring, reducing initial hardware and ongoing IT costs.

Secure system access and capabilities to comply with the latest industry regulations and data integrity guidance documents including GxP, ISO 17025 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Cybersecurity is critical to ensure data integrity and business continuity. Ensure secure data and system access on premises or in the cloud.

A mobile LIMS application makes features available via tablet, wherever there is an available internet/network connection, so you can take the LIMS with you to execute methods and collect and process samples.

Data can be visualized in the system through reports and dashboards enabling laboratories to track overall laboratory performance and assigned work.

Information in the LIMS can be reported on, shared, analyzed, and audited. All relationships and metadata are captured, enabling users to work with data in context.

Ensure proper electronic records retention and data archival to comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

What it is?

  • Digital transformation of laboratories
  • Used in Indian and overseas labs
  • Emerging market leader in India
  • Making rapid strides overseas
  • For commercial, industrial, government labs
  • Comprehensive and robust

How you benefit?

  • High RoI
  • Workflow management
  • Resource optimization
  • Centralized data
  • Real-time tracking
  • Optimized productivity
  • Reduced overheads
  • Process compliance

How could we help?

  • Help in integration
  • Customer care
  • Add-ons
  • Customization
  • Cloud services



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