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Cloud migration services include various on-premise and cloud deployment formats, such as hybrid and multi-cloud setups. Yoda Tech's cloud engineering team can help you migrate from on premise to cloud and from cloud to cloud. We offer an end-to-end service cycle, from consulting ad engineering to maintenance and optimization.


The ability to scale

Because the cloud service provider supplies all necessary infrastructure and software, there's no need for a company to invest in its own resources or allocate extra IT staff to manage the service. This, in turn, makes it for the business to scale the solution as user needs change - whether that means increasing the number of licenses to accommodate a growing workforce or expanding and enhancing the applications themselves.

Lowered costs

Many cloud services are provided on a monthly or annual subscription basis, eliminating the need to pay for on-premises software licenses. This allows organizations to access software, storage, and the other services without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure or handle maintenance and upgrade.

Increased flexibility

With cloud services, companies can procure services on an on-demand, as-needed basis. If and when there's no longer a need for a particular application or platform, the business can simply cancel the subscription or shut down the service.


Public Cloud

In public cloud, the computing infrastructure is hosted by the cloud vendor at the vendor's premises.

Private Cloud

The computing infrastructure in private cloud is dedicated toone organization and not shared with other organizations.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud refers to a combination of private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud DR enables businesses to recover data and implement backup plans by maintaining electronic records in a cloud environment.



Using proprietary tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.

Our analysis tools help discover dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediations helping you reduce risk, time and cost.

Leveraging data from discovery and analysis, we assess your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy.

We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a transformation management plan to stay on track.


Google Certified Partner, AWS Registered Consulting Partner


30+ cloud experts with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure certification.


Commited to personal growth : 65+ engineers attend training courses atleast once a year.

80 +

High level experience : 80+ of specialists are of senior or intermediate level.